Company History


  • 1985 – the beginning of the company. The founder of the company is Waldemar Kitala, graduated from the Pedagogical University of Czestochowa, the faculty of artistic education, specialization in painting. Personal interest of the founder with graphic design had an impact on starting his own business, which allowed for the implementation of histheir own ideas and plans. Initially it was a sole proprietorship specialized in advertising, store signboards, artistic setting of exhibitions and events.
  • 1987 – launch of printing house for screen printing, performing service on fabrics; T-shirts, clothes, leather goods, etc.
  • 1990 – offset printing established, engaged mainly with the production of cardboard packaging for shoe manufacturers that filled the the lack of such services in the local market.
  • 2000 – new property purchase in Myszków Kościuszki 8 st. after bankrupt woollen industry plant “WARTEX”. Transfer of the headquarters and production after the renovations to the building with an area of 1200.00 square meters.
  • 2002 – starting production of color cards, plasters and grouts for construction chemicals manufacturers, based on own production technology and know-how.
  • 2003 – corporate restructuring and production converting, involving the cancellation of the production of cardboard packaging. Purchase of specialized equipment and launching of plastic pad and screen printing  related to the opening of the new plant for home appliance equipment very close to Myszków by one of the largest companies in the industry in the world.
  • 2004 – purchase of the first injection molding machine and establishing the Department of Plastics Processing. Focusing of on the a comprehensive and specialized manufacturing for the customers from the household appliances industry.
  • 2005 – implementation of UV screen printing technology which allowed execution of multicolour graphics applications on the aesthetic plastic parts – especially control panels. Obtaining ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificate, purchase of the next ENGEL injection machine and dimensional measuring machine.
  • 2006 – purchase of property located in Myszków Partyzantów 21 st. with an area of 30,000.00 sq.m. together with halls in industrial area “MYSTAL”.
  • 2007/2008 – carrying out construction works, preparation of infrastructure and land development for the new Department of Plastics Processing.
  • 2008/2009 – relocation of production and machinery for plastics processing from building at Kościuszki 8 st. to the new location. Preparation of technical design and obtaining necessary permits allowing further planned expansion of the plant based on the support received from the EU funds.

Drukarnia SERIX-BIS
Waldemar Kitala

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