Plastics Injection


Bearing in mind our cooperation with manufacturers of household appliances and the automotive industry, we are continuously developing the production of injection molded plastic parts.
In the past Serix-Bis performed printing services on the parts provided by the suppliers, in 2004,  Plastics Processing Department was created from scratch. This decision was made for several reasons:

  • we had a chance to be the provider of the final components
  • as a supplier of the final components we could guarantee short lead times
  • it was necessary because of the large number of graphic design (400)

In order to guarantee the high quality of our products, we have been purchased injection machines of renowned Engel company.


Currently we own 19 robotized injection molding machines from 50 to 800t


  • milling, making mounting holes using a CNC milling plotter
  • ultrasonic welding – Branson ultrasonic welding machines
  • own toolshop and execution of tooling projects (in cooperation with leading tool shops, project from beginning to parts approval)
  • assemblies
  • tests on request, trial production, implementation of new raw materials


As the continuous development in the field of plastics processing, we decided to implement the technology IMD (In Mould Decoration). For customers interested in this solution, we are ready to perform a feasibility study and present a timetable for implementation of the project, together with the implementation of a special tool to start mass production.


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