Plastics printing


We perform printing on the components produced with different plastic materials, e.g. ABS, PVC, PC, PS, PP, PE with screen printing and pad printing technology. Most of them are components for manufacturers of household appliances such as control panels, knobs for washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, stoves and automotive industries. More than 20 years of experience allows us to implement printing on the most complex parts in terms of shape and materials used.

We offer implementation of each print pattern from the receipt of the project in the form of graphic files through the preperation of matrices and tooling to the serial printing in our company. We provide fast and comprehensive service to our customers for their satisfaction. In addition, we also offer painting of the parts and print on metallic details. We also provide printing service on metal inlays secured with antifinger layer, polycarbonate plates, films, etc. We guarantee the highest quality and durability of our products and services.


3 UV CNC 6-colour screen printing machines, 3 CNC 6-colour tampo printing mackines, 1 CNC 2-colour tampo printing machine, 1 UV CNC 4-colour screen printing machine, 1 UV CNC 4-colour screen printing machine, 2 pad printing machines 4-colour, 3 half automatic 1 colour screen printing machine.


  • implementation and preparation of graphic design for print (own graphic studio)
  • exposure of films, analog imagesetter AGFA
  • performing of printing matrix (screen printing and pad printing polymer)
  • paint mixing studio for screen printing and tampo printing inks (colors by systems NCS, RAL, Pantone)
  • industrial printing (screen printing and pad printing), service on the details entrusted by the customer
  • special tests for printing according to the specification and customer requirements, technical consulting, implementation of new graphics applications and decoration plastics (trials, homologations)


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